Make your own Mini Books

Hello Everyone! The other day I made these little books with my sister and posted a picture onto my Instagram and my friend Rylee suggested that I make a blog post explaining how to do it.. so here it is! miniii books

1. Choosing the book cover –

This is the most important step! Without a cover, you have no book! You can chose any cover you want, you just have to make sure that there is a front and a back on google images… unless you are only worrying about the front cover!! Once you have thought of your cover idea you should be have something similar to this!! Some will be easier to find then others!

2. Putting it onto a word document –

When you have your front and back cover, copy (or save them) and paste them onto a word document similar to below! Depending on how big or how small you want the mini books, size it how you like, making sure that the back cover is on the left so when you print it, it will open correctly!! Leave a small space (once again depends on the size) in the middle for your spine cover!



3. Spine cover –

I found it almost impossible to find the spine covers of books so instead I just used shapes off word and created a plain colour for the spine! Feel free to create a spine but I was to lazy at the time!

There is some books, like harry potter, That come with the back, front, AND the spine cover all in one so all you have to do is put it onto a word documents! Like this one below!harry-potter-deathly-hallows-71 (2).jpg

4. Printing –

If you just want to make one little book, go ahead and print, but if you want to make more!! ‘Cause they are so cute, repeat steps 1-4 until you are happy with the amount!

5. Putting the book together-

Cut out your printed books off the paper and fold them so they look like little binders! (That’s what my sister thought they looked like…) and with lined paper, coloured paper or white paper – whatever you would like, open the book flat and trace a rectangle around the paper to cut out and glue inside!! Do this as many times as you want, depending how full ou want the book to look!!


I really hope that made sense and that you have fun making some of your own!! You could also punch holes and make them as little key rings!!

I would love to see what books you recreate, so tag me in your pictures!











The Mortal Cup – Shadow Hunters #1 AHEAD!! If you have not watched the episode yet, come back when you have! ‘Cause I don’t want to spoil anything for you!!

Warning! What you are about to read is very random and completely unorganized and crazy! Its just my thoughts from after watching the episode! ( Which explains why its all over the place!) Read on at your own will! ahahahh!! And these are just my personal opinions!

I do not even know where to start…. IT WAS AMAZING! The plot, the people, EVERYTHING! Oh can we please just take a moment to appreciate everyone’s faces… and Izzy’s hair!!!

So it starts of with the trio (Izzy, Jace and Alec) following a d295837-11emon and Oh my! I thought this was great and when they all joined together and flipped down… I got Goosebumps and squealed!!!!! ARRRR!!!!! They all look so good together! Izzy and Alec actually look so much like siblings, its unreal!!!

When Simon gave Clary a piggyback – I thought that was the cutest thing ever!!!!!!!!

But oh my gosh! The institute looks like woah! Its so different, but I think I love it! I love the technology.. that’s cool. There is so many people though! I wonder how that will play out! Talking about locations… Clary’s house was exactly how I imagined it to be!!!!!!

I really, really like how the runes look! They look more natural – well as natural as something like that can look! But the way the put them on hahah its like swipe, BAM! hahah

MAGNUS!!!!! HE LOOKS AWESOME AND HIS EYES!!!!!!! And his magic looks amazing! Its like a magic blue cloud!

I was very unsure about Kat, who plays Clary, before today but now after watching it, I love her! She played Clary perfectly I think! And she is SO PRETTY!!!!! Its so unfair! hahah!!! She was so …. I don’t know the word but the way she just followed Jace and pushed the girl out of the way!!!


Dorothea!!!! OMG I DIDNT EVEN RECOGNIZE HER AT FIRST!! Compared to the how I imagined her she is so young! I like it though, im defiantly not complaining! OOo that reminds me, the demons!!!! OMG!!! At first I was like oh hay its a weeping angel from Doctor Who (well sorta) and then its face was like BAM a star fish and I was like woahhh whattt hahaha!! It was a very dramatic moment for me! It was also very creepy!

9b0dbeac-91a8-4464-9079-861f2891cf50Now lets talk about Izzy!! She was a completely different person in the TV shows compared to the movie!! Her outfits, her personality!! After Clary woke up she is like owww, im izzy and she sounded so sweet!!! But her pandemonium outfit!!! WOAH that was something and her training outfit too!!!! Once again, im not complaining! I love it!

I actually loved everything about it and after finishing it I was so hyper and happy!! I couldn’t stop laughing at everything because it put me in such a good mood!!!

That’s all for now! I loved it so much!! Thankyou for reading up till here and putting up with my random, crazy thoughts!


What did you think of the episode??


The Lonely Hearts Club – Elizabeth Eulberg

6609714Hey Guys! I finished reading ‘The Lonely Hearts Club’ just last week and I loved it way more then I expected. I got this book for free from my school library late 2015 and was keeping it for an “emergency book” – for when I had nothing else to read ’cause I don’t normally read this sort of genre! But I think contempary/romance may just be growing on me!

Penny Lane… So if your a beetles fan you will automatically know that this is one of their songs, if not.. well its the title of one of their songs and its also the name of the main character in ‘The Lonely hearts Club’ !!! This book is based around a lot of Beatles references and things because the main characters parents are die hard fans! Hence her name!

Penny Lane is the main character in the novel and is the leader of the club! I was a bit hesitant about her during the novel because I felt like she was quite mean sometimes – just my personal opinion! but by the last part of the book I really thought she was awesome!

Ryan…. heheh Ryan was probably the best character in this entire novel and is now on my list of my Bookish Boyfriends!! He was the cutest, sweetest guy ever and sounded very swoon worthy!

Overall, I really enjoyed this novel and recommend it to anyone! Even if you don’t always enjoy romance you most likely this one because over half the book is based around the no-dating club! Its quite a cool and different book!